Monday, July 17, 2006

News from the Front

I'd like to point people towards this page of links.
NZ Bear (a quite distinguished citizen of the blogosphere) has compiled a list of people from Israel, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Iran...and various other areas.

You should head over there to see if you can get a pulse of the citizens in the area...

Isn't the internet great? This is the one biggest example of how globalization is changing the world, and one of the only things that makes me think the International Liberals might be right after all. Of course, most of the news that I can now see points to the fact that the international world order is still anarchic. However, a technology like this has the potential to change the world way more than the invention of easy transportation (which also took a generation to gather steam. Haha - tell Bazos to stop giving me bad jokes)

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