Monday, July 10, 2006

Current Events for the day

Was Zidane's outburst related to terrorism? Find out.

A Chechen terrorist leader is killed. And here is more. BBC over here. Al Jazeera over here.
Here is more

More sectarian violence in Iraq.

"Islamists" claim victory in Somalia - the first place we cut and ran from potential chaos. (Whoops, that might have been too biased for the kids in my class to read from me...well, they are smart, and they'll figure it out. I want them to be thinking about where the opinions people express come from anyway, so it'll probably be good for them to read.)

A guy with hollowed out shoes gets on a plane in Houston, and "It was looked at and deemed a non-event," said the FBI.

Why would I link to something about India's space program?

From the blogs:

This is about the Shia death squads in Iraq...

This is a very interesting piece about the differences between Iraq and other muslim nations, it's written by a blogger who writes from Iraq...

A look at the recent strategies in dealing with North Korea.

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