Sunday, July 09, 2006

On Blogging...

This is an interesting article.

There's a blogger who is now his news-niche's standard...and he's 20 years old. That's cool, but it's not why I linked...

Last week, after the unexpected death of former Enron chief Ken Lay, someone e-mailed Stelter to say — erroneously and anonymously — that CNBC planned to run a prime-time special on Lay. Stelter posted it but quickly corrected the report after CNBC contacted him. He says his willingness to do so has increased his blog's credibility.

"People write me and say, 'Thank you for correcting yourself.' I guess that's in short supply these days. Not enough people admit when they mess up. To me, credibility is all I have."

Isn't it pretty standard to correct yourself when you're wrong on a blog? I's the MSM that doesn't always correct itself? So isn't it interesting to see this standard thing get touted on a news story about a guy who writes news about the way news programs are run? I think it's noteworthy here for the people who are reading it. This article is for people who care about the way news is run. Mostly those people who are involved with running the news, and those people are interested in seeing things that are new to preserving your credibility with a retraction when you are wrong...

How cool is the MSM? Anyone? Anyone at all?

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