Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Third Term for Putin is Just What Russian Needs Right Now

"The State Duma Council has put a bill that would allow President Vladimir Putin to stand for a third term on the agenda for November, Interfax reported Tuesday.

The bill, submitted by the regional parliament of Chechnya, would require a constitutional amendment. Under the Constitution, the president is limited to two terms in office."

Chechnya? Chechnya wants another couple years of Putin? I highly doubt it. Remember, he's the one that started to attack them again, and gave them a stupid PM, who is showing his credibility by sending on this bill.

Putin has repeatedly insisted that he will not seek a third term. Leaders of the pro-Kremlin United Russia party have also spoken out against the idea.

Please! Don't throw me in the briar patch!!!

A number of regional leaders and legislatures have called for amending the Constitution to allow Putin to remain in power for another four years.

Would that number be equal to the number that he's replaced with stoges in office?

There's more to the article, but not much and I can't stand it anymore.
If Putin rewrites the constitution to be able to stay in power, Russia won't survive.

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