Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's International Talk like a Pirate Day

So, what would happen on college campuses if the President of the US (any POTUS) gave a speach on this day talking like a pirate - even if it was just five minutes long? What if s/he made a remark like a Pirate in front of the UN?

Normally, I think the approval ratings among college students would sky-rocket for at least a month (until we all forgot about it). However, I think that if Bush does it, they'll just make fun of him some more.

I think it would be interesting and fun if the president took notice of pop-culture days like International Talk Like a Pirate Day, especially if he happened to be on a campus that day, though I don't think it would change anything substantialy in the long run.

But what would happen if Bush said "Arrgh Mateys! Sudan (or possibly Burma) needs to walk the plank!" At the UN today? No one could possibly disagree with him...(heh)...and it should give him a boost among college students, but it won't. But what if Clinton did it?

I guess I've concluded that appearance counts much more than substance among college students. Not that that's a new thing. Though I really do want Bush to Talk Like a Pirate in front of the UN today...I mean, come on - it is an International holiday.

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