Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Check out this editorial!

From the LATimes, no less. From that bastion of such conservative writings from Barbara Streisand comes this editorial, about Clinton and his legacy. Note: I'm not really trying to say that this is a typical liberal view, and I'm not trying to say that because this conservative piece comes from a liberal paper, it is somehow more legitamate. I'm just making fun of the LATimes, basically, because I got the chance when it became topical because I'm linking to this article. There, I hope that clears things up.

Also, I like Clinton more after that Fox interview - it showed me that he was human. But just because I like him more, doesn't mean I'd vote for him any faster. He did a better job than I'm willing to give him credit for, but the places that he screwed up are causing us problems right now. A ton of the anti-American sentiment due to American "imperialism" in the world is due to the insane number of "human-rights" missions that Clinton sent our military out on (without enough support, no less!!!), and not to anything Bush did by himself. But every interview that I've seen with Clinton showed him calm and collected, seemingly in control of the whole process. But this time, he got animated, and it was great television!

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