Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 911

Today is the fifth anniversary of the most recent "day of Infamy". It's the fifth anniversay of one of the most significant days of my own young life. On 9/11 I was in New York, like many others, and I watched as the towers fell. That's why I jumped at the chance to remember and honor the victims the way this project is attempting to.

I recieved the assignment to remember Marianne Simone, and here is what I found out about her. Enjoy the reading, and remember one of the lives that was extinguised by an act of madmen.

Marianne Teressa Simone was 62 on 9/11/01. She was a mother of three, and a grandmother of 6. She devoted her life to her kids for 20 years before circumstances forced her to get a job, when she found one in the Twin Towers. She worked hard, and evidently well, because she was promoted several times. She survived the first bombing and continues working at the towers until 2001.

She was a lover of fun times, yet she had sage advice - "Her daughter, Teresa Hargrave, said she always seemed more like Lucille Ball. "She was comical," said Hargrave, 39. "When she was in a room, everyone was laughing." Simone was the one discoing with co-workers half her age at company functions, singing Italian songs about "love or mama" at barbecues, and entertaining her grandchildren with her own silly sayings, such as "molli-colli-folli," meaning "smelly." But Simone was also known for her more serious sayings - when someone lost a job or had a disappointment, it was "One door closes, another door opens," and when a friend needed encouragement, her daughter recalled, "She would say, 'Whatever you feel you can do, you can do.'""

Here is another newspaper article about her.

Please take a moment to pray for her family, and to remember her and the many other victims of 9/11.

Here is a link to the project.


  1. Wonderful Tribute!
    Thank you.
    These are heartbreaking stories and difficult to read....
    I am honored to be a part of this project.
    Mine is posted also...

    The 2996 link is down. I have a new link on my site to view the participants.

    Bless you...