Friday, September 29, 2006


Lets play a new game. I say something outrageous, you post comments about it. Here we go:

Russia, can go explode.


  1. Hubby fo Red10/2/06, 10:05 AM

    That was lame for being outrageous, you should try, All femenists should die.

  2. You're probably right, but this blog isn't as anonymous as I'd like before I go spouting something like that...besides, I'd defend the Russia can go explode comment, but I wouldn't defend the feminist one..

    I'm not a huge fan of some feminists, but I dislike most extremists anyway.

    Russia is a great place and a great language with an identity problem - they think they need authoritarian leadership. And, now putin is being a jerk to many people inside and outside his country and in both business and politics, their mobsters are stealing privacy info stuff, and then they're exporting some of their troubles through a diaspora. They're just causing problems, and I was exasperated.
    Maybe I'll be more foreward in the next installment.