Saturday, April 08, 2006

Warning: Boring Diary-type post

I just got to a computer after taking the Foreign Service Written Test this morning. It's the first time I've taken it (it's the first year I'm eligible), so I don't have much perspective on it. However, I thought it was relatively easy. I took the consular cone, and the questions there weren't too difficult. There was only one geography question on the test, that I could find. The worst (read, most annoying, not hardest) part was the bio section. I had to keep re-writing the same stuff on the lists. And there totaly wasn't enough room to write anything. The essay was ok. I didn't write anything spectacularly convincing, but I was clear, succint, and had a pretty good format, so I'm pretty sure it will pass ok. I'm psyched to take the oral, or go back to the written next year.

The wierd thing about the test was, almost everyone there was from my school. There was one older guy who had taken the test a few times before (he was really cool, by the way...a department of corrections officer who sounded like a naturalized immigrant. Way to go for him, if that's the situation), and passed it each time. But there were 10 people, and seven from my school. As far as I know, this was the only test center in my state, and there are two schools comparable to mine that were just as far away from this test center as I was...where were they? Probably the didn't feel qualified, and they were probably right! (Surely, you know I jest. I love the people who go to those other schools, but I also love the rivalry)

Now I'm just rambling. I need to get some rest tonight, so that I can do a reading in church tomorrow for Palm Sunday. This time of year brings up so many conflicting emotions...sadness, but also much more joy and thankfulness. You probably know what I mean, if you have any idea of what I'm talking about...

And now I'm rambling again. It's time to go off to find saturday night entertainment. Have a wonderful sunday everyone!


  1. Excellent choice of cones, btw.

    Good luck!

  2. But of course! It was the only choice. Plus I figure that by the time I make it through the system, the FSO job will become even more general than it already is, so I'll get a chance to do some of the other cones..
    That is, when I get an invitation to A-100...