Sunday, April 02, 2006

More Armor = Less Maneuverability

Most of the "urgently needed" body armor is not being used...not because of a shortage of supply (or problems in the supply chain) but because of a shortage of demand (the troops don't want to wear them because they can't move as fast). I wonder how the troops feel about the super-armored Humvees? The same principle applies, except that it isn't the decision of one soldier to use the armor or not...the stuff just gets put on...and if the truck gets blown up because it can't move fast enough, (or it flips over while trying to maneuver) well, at least it had the armor, too bad they got into a tight spot...
I don't like people stateside trying to decide what our troops need and don't need. I'm glad they're worried about their safety, but most of the 'body-armor shortage crisis' was fueled by people who had no relation to the troops aside from statistics they saw in sterilized reports.

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