Monday, April 24, 2006

Barry Bonds

Can anyone believe how much he stinks this year? It looks like he's finaly off the juice. I hope that the commishioner gets his act together and figures out a way to remove tainted stats from the book. I don't really want to here about Bonds or Palmiero getting lots of hits for the rest of my baseball life. The legitimate people deserve our praise...the people doping do not. The really sad thing is, Bonds probably would be remembered anyway, because when he was younger, he did pretty well. It was when he decided not to bow out gracefully that he became outrageous. I think that nothing less than a total ban is called for, for anyone who gets caught doping.

On a slightly related note, tonight I'll be going to listen to one of the people on the steroid commission. Sen. Mitchell is from the town where my college is, and he's pretty conected to my school...although he had the misfortune to attend the other college down the road (not the other one in town, but farther than that, if you know don't know what I'm talking about, explaining it would just take too long, so sorry). Hmm...too bad for him.

Thanks, Redhead, for the suggestions, I'll try to hit them all soon. I thought about writing on immigration, but I felt like it hasn't been too long since I wrote about that. But I do have a new topic.
My real difficulty is that we're approaching finals season, and I've taken my campus and friend responsibilities a bit more seriously than my academic responsibilities this semester, but I still want a B, so I've got to catch up.

Would you like to weigh in first on any of them? Blog conversations are much more fun than me pontificating, I feel...


  1. I've always been a 'fan' of baseball the game, but I have never been one who follows the stats, follows the trades, and the nitty gritty of the game. Rather, I have been the kind of fan who notices the game the most when it makes it into the 'news' rather than the sports section. Barry Bonds in particular has been a point of interst for me lately. With him quickly approaching Ruth's home run record I wonder what will be said of Bonds later in history.

  2. Personally, I think that Bonds should retire before he hits more than Babe Ruth, and he definately should not dethrone Hank Aaron.

    I want his records to be dismissed...along with the records of anyone else who ever used steroids. It ruins the game, in my opinion.

    I almost want to say that, if he starts getting much closer to Babe's record, pitchers should just start walking him, or pitching really, really far inside. Of course, how many of the pitchers in baseball are blameless? I don't know, but I still think that he shouldn't get a chance to break babe's record.