Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Michael Yon

is amazing. You should read the whole site...but especially where he talks about the situation in the UAE in this article. It's pretty long, but check it out anyway, if you haven't already:

It was embarrassing when the United States erupted a month ago over the port security issue, and in so doing hurled insults at our friends in the UAE. I know nothing about port security and so cannot comment on that issue. I can, however, attest that the UAE is a strong, intelligent and reliable ally, very pro-West and pro-American, and before we reflexively stone our friends, it would be wise to remember that good friends are hard to find. It’s too bad no one in a position to know had the foresight to let the average American in on that. This is a part of the world most people know very little about, and the little they do know makes them anxious about knowing much more.

Go see the whole thing. He gets added to my blog roll the next time I feel like monkeying around with it.

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