Sunday, April 30, 2006

Cobert Report

You should check out this interview between Stephen Colbert and Sam Harris, an athiest. It's very interesting.

It's time to remember a little bit of why Colbert was ever funny, after the Correspondent's Dinner fiasco...

It seems that he wants to blame all conservative ideas (reform social security, Iraq war, not fund stem-cell research) on the idea that the rapture will be occuring in the near future...but that doesn't exactly follow.

Social Security - it's broke, lets fix it so that I can get some money out of it too...
Iraq War - everyone knew Saddam was a nut who might have had wmd's, and we didn't want him to control a country anymore....
Stem-Cell Research - we want to destroy life in the hopes of saving it...even when there are other, currently more productive places that we could get the same cell behavior from without the destruction of life (adult stem-cells, umbilical stem-cells)

The other interesting part is how Colbert switches between humor and logic, and I love his closing remark. I'm getting kicked off the computer, see you later!

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