Friday, August 11, 2006

Some Quick Stuff

First, lets CELEBRATE!!! We just won a big round in the GWOT yesterday, and I'm feeling good. So, pat the brits on the back, and slap our congress on the back until the choke up the necessary tools for our cops to use. (to be fair, some of them are trying.) And then keep going, cause the process will never end.

-A big point about this stuff is the length of time that the Brits were following these guys around. They found this group before it even had a specific plan in mind - (i.e. they were not casing places for angles and such, they were just talking about doing bad stuff to us.) then, the Brits watched them for a year. This allowed them to find a ton of connections, build up a bunch of evidence, and see how this terrorist group went about picking it's target and organizing it's attack. Since they probably had some help from Al-Queda, this will help us recognize similar patterns in the future. Also, the fact that they picked them up so soon lets us all relax a bit - there was never really any danger from this group. (more on this later)

-I heard a good point from a Brittish politician yesterday, even though some people have taken issue with it. He said that we need to remember that the people we are fighting against are criminals - sociopaths, even - and that we aren't out to fight against any specific community (except for the community of murdering sociopaths). Broken down, this means that we shouldn't view the fight against terror as a fight against Muslims. Even if all terrorists were Muslim, our fight is with the criminal terrorist murderers, not with the Muslim community at large. At least part of the case against this group of terrorists was build from a tip from within that Muslim community. If we view our fight against terrorists as a fight against Muslims in general, we lose allies from that community, and we also lose sight of the enemies from outside of that community (i.e. - the non muslim terrorists) If anyone knows the quote or who said it, I'd love you to tell me so that I can link to it...

-Pandora's Box internet radio is really cool. You tell it one song or artist, and it plays you a radio station of similar music. It's free (with un-intrusive advertising) and you can register to keep your stations's great. I'm sold. It's bookmarked. Chaaaa-Chiiing!

-I don't like political machinations and people who can only talk in political double speak. I like speaking like that myself (sometimes) but I don't like hearing it exclusively. And I struggle to asses a person's mental abilities if they only give me political spin (I should say, I struggle to asses them positively) Sean Hanity is particularly guilty, but so are many other people.

- on my way to 'work' today, I put on a radio station I don't normally listen to. The first song they played was "Follow Me" and then they played "Come to my window" (or whatever the song's titles really are). SCORE!!! Unfortunately, the next song sucked...but it was good luck to get to rock out for two songs before going back to my normal stations!!!
I'm writing some other posts at the moment, so I'll get back to them and let you start with this.

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