Friday, August 11, 2006

Notice to my Redsox

The only reason I'm not lying in bed crying today is that we had such a great arrest in the GWOT yesterday. This is not likely to happen the next time you guys decide to flop and die against a team that sucks, so you are warned; Do NOt attempt to try this again. Ever.

You should never be losing to a team that has 70 losses when you have close to 70 wins. You should never be losing to a team from Kansas at all. Ever. So, what do you do? Go get sweeped by them, so that the Yankees can get a three game lead over us. I'm not even going to think about who was pitching. Ok, I lied. It was Lester (forgivable), Beckett (NOT!!!!), and Shilling (NOOOOTTTTT!!!!!!!!).

There are not a lot of things that could have gotten me out of bed today, so you're lucky that we had such a completely unrelated success yesterday (before you floped and died). Do not ever waste a chance like that again.

Please? I love you guys still but you can't just let KC win ever again. Go redeem yourselves in Baltimore.

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