Monday, August 07, 2006

I've been gone for a while

and the best way to get back into the swing of things is to read the smart people from the Blogosphere and see what they've been saying. Here are a couple of articles that caught my eye. Maybe I'll have a serious post after I finish reading the news.

Althouse is expanding her topic base by providing us the dirt on vegetables (specifically Iceberg Lettuce and Tomatos) from Amazon.

Here is the best begining to the photoshopped reuters photographs. (from Althouse) Have you heard anything about this from the MSM? I haven't, and my sister insists on watching CNN a bunch, so I might have seen it this weekend if they were going to talk about it. The bomb dropping photo is probably the worst change, but it's not cool to mislead us about the smoke either. Will Reuters get censured from other media? Probably not. And, can you immagine what would happen if the administration had done anything similar to this? Will anything happen to reuters? No. So, be aware of the pictures you see. It's super easy to fake them, and these were only discovered because they're particularly badly done.

Asymmetrical Information has a good article about vouchers and the people who will benefit most from them.

Vodkapundit raises some questions about our tactics and strategy in this war against terrorism.

Mike Lowell continues to impress me, even off the field now that he's injured. The talk of trading him was probably the thing that scared me most during my sox blackout in July.

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