Friday, December 01, 2006

British Committee Names

But in a sign of the continuing high alert on the political level, the government's top level COBRA committee, which usually meets in national emergencies, was convened again.
Why can't we have awesome names for emergency committees? I guess that's just what you get when you have a government as old as the Brit's do.

I'm also carefully following this spy case, especially the connection between this, the sickness of the former Liberal (read pro-democracy, I think) Prime Minister, and the killing of the reporter about a month and a half ago. More to come, I think.

Also, go check out Sadly, No. They are a good liberal blog, and I could use some fire support in the comments. They probably think I've abandoned them, since I haven't responded since yesterday, but I have a life, you know?


  1. I cannot go check out Sadly and back you up, as you did not make it a hyperlink. Way to fail!

  2. What, me give a link to a liberal blog? (Sorry)

    The address is pretty easy to figure out...the come up with a quick google, but the link is

    I actually haven't been able to do much commenting over there, because I've got life as well...including that big terrorism project and an end of term portfolio for my internship place. It's kind of pointless, because my grade at home doesn't count this stuff, and I know that whatever I do, I'll get an A from these guys (because they have told me so, though not in as many words)

    But the 40 pages of writing still need to be done, and then copied and bound "so that it looks professional" Grrr...