Monday, May 08, 2006

Otherwise known as procrastination

Why is it so much easier to write when I'm blogging than when I'm writing a paper for class? And why is it even easier to blog while I'm supposed to be writing that paper (or sleeping)?

Anyway, did you notice my extreme jump in the TTLB rankings? I'm now a mortal must be from joining up with the 101'st.
There should probably be a way to limit the effects of such a group...I mean, it's not like I earned my sudden fame, I just sent the Captain an e-mail. Maybe there's an easy way to weight the value of such links?

I mean, I love being a Large Mamal and all that, but it was much more exciting when I earned the links because of the posts I wrote...Not that I'm really going to snear at the extra traffic that I may or may not get.

Anyway, back to that paper that's due in a couple of hours...or maybe a quick nap. But those are so dangerous at this stage in the process, you know?

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