Saturday, May 13, 2006

Oh my!

I knew that the NYT was incompetent on military matters, but I didn't know how extremely true that was until I read this in op-for:

From the corrections section of yesterday's New York Times:

An article and a picture caption yesterday about the funeral of Sgt. Jose Gomez of Queens, who was killed on April 20 in Iraq, referred incorrectly to the Army representative who comforted his mother. She was a sergeant first class — an enlisted woman, not an officer. The article also misstated the name of a service medal that a general presented to Sergeant Gomez's mother. It is a Purple Heart, not a Purple Star.

Wow, the Purple Heart is probably one of the easiest medals to identify and name correctly...why was a representative from the formerly impressive NYT news gathering organization assigned to a task that they were so blatently not qualified for?

Well, all I can do with this information is to be even more skeptical about what I read in the NYT...I mean, they lie, they make stuff up...and they get really easy things wrong. Hmmm...

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