Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cold War with Russia?

Are us Americans trying to revive the cold war with russia?
Come again?
Yes, but the Jewish Lobby has taken control of Washington, so it's not really our fault.
Why would we want to?
No free polls

Read this article for some context.

There are some quotes that are gems:
""This surely is the beginning of an arms race in some sense," he said. "Which is all the more unjustified given that Russia has never, not on a single issue, expressed an intention to confront the U.S. or to deter it.""
Iraq? Iran? Well, I guess they haven't said that they want to confront us...but they certainly haven't been even tacitly supporting us on those issues, either.

"We should be aware that Russia has been placed in the group of targeted nations," - Gleb Pavlovsky
He says this to remind us that Russia has increasingly been placed on the lists of "unfree" nations (on many different issues) which the State Department makes. I say, perhaps you're being targeted. Perhaps you're on those lists cause you make stupid decisions. Like, not to elect governors to your territories so that Putin can appoint them himself.
"It is not as much about the [George W.] Bush Administration's self-promotion to boost ratings as it is about [creating] a system of ideological and political pressure on Russia and its allies," - Vasily Likhachev
This quote only makes sense from a Russian propaganda perspective. They know that Bush is unpopular at home, so in their minds that means that whatever he does is done to increase that approval rating. However, it doesn't make sense to me, because I haven't heard the Bush Administration crowing much about it's missile defense system expansions. And, I'm not even sure that would get him many popularity points in our country.

"Ivashov warned that unless it takes countermeasures to neutralize the U.S. threat, the country could be in for a bleak future. "Russia may end up cornered in the north, and it will become a tiny Nordic country.""

Yeah. That might happen.

Propaganda is so much fun, when you can immediately see through it. However, I have to keep reminding myself that to the Russians reading this article, it's the truth because they don't have a baseline to judge against. So, it's not very funny after all.


  1. I personally think that it has more to do with China than the US. I just do not think Russia will come out and say that.

  2. You think that Russia warning us that it thinks we're starting a new cold war is more about China than it is about us? Or is it that the missle shield are more protection from China than Russia?

    Cause, we don't need to worry about nukes from China too much either. We got to consider NK and Iran as the only states that would potentially be able and willing to use nukes.

    Other than that, we need to be on our guard everywhere against the possibility that a terrorist group uses a dirty bomb....

  3. No I am saying that Chinese are going through a huge increase in their military and if I was their neighbor with lots of oil I would be worried. Lets face it, China is going to need a lot of oil soon. They also have a ridiculously huge army. Does not take a genius to put 2 an 2 together.

    But if I was Russia, I would blame it on the US too. Why get China excited or get them to pull the trigger early.