Thursday, February 08, 2007

By the way

I think this would be a good time (what with the 5000'th visitor and all) to restate my thoughts about commenting.

I'm a big believer in taking credit/responsibility for what you think. You are free to think/say anything you want on this site (of course), especially if you can back it up with real arguments. (Cause then it would be a fun discussion, instead of just me making fun of you) However, I can't tell one "anonymous" person from another "anonymous" person.

I like it when people pick a screen name. I actually use my own name (minus the capital letter), and I don't think you should avoid it either. But, if you choose not to, it's easier for the rest of us to talk if you pick an anonymous name that we can follow through a discussion, and hopefully even from post to post.

Thanks. I know this is boring, but it is kind of a pet-peeve of mine. Sorry. Wait, who am I apologizing to? It is my blog...heh.

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