Tuesday, January 09, 2007


It bothers me to no end that I have adds to "anti-bush t-shirts" on my site. I don't pick them, but they show up based on what I'm posting. Am I doing something wrong? I mean, Bush isn't my favorite president (that would be Teddy Roosevelt), but neither do I think he's totally screwed the whole world up. How, exactly, do those Google word algorithms that figure out which adds to sell for my site pick their topics?

So, I repeat the question, am I doing something wrong?


  1. You can always go to adsense and have those type of adds removed from your site. Remember, the computer is only as smart as the crazy liberals that work at google. Which I found out has free food, snacks and drinks of all kinds for its employees.

  2. Yeah. I actually wouldn't mind working for them - if they we're so willing to roll over for the Chinese while being obstructionist here at home.

    Though, I would probably be happiest if they were just obstructionist everywhere.

  3. Beacause it is a fact, worse. president. ever.

  4. Does the above sentence make sense?