Monday, January 08, 2007

A poem

I want to share this poem that I found in my Russian Lit class...

Velimir Khlevnikov -

We chant and enchant,
Oh charming enchantment!
No raving, no ranting,
No canting enchantment!
This ranting enchantress
Has cast her enchantment -
We see what her chant meant!
Here rant! There cant!
You charming enchanter,
Cast out her enchantment,
Uncast it, uncant it,
Discast it, Discant it,
DescantL Decant! Recant!
He can't. She can't.
Why can't she recant?
Why can't he uncant?
Ranting chanting,
No recanting.
Discant, descant.

The poet who wrote it was trying to cast off the chains of the artists and poets who had come before him...and in this poem he's rejecting the idea of a "Muse"
I just want to say that I won't be following the advice from this line "No raving, no ranting," but I think we bloggers can adapt it as a rejection of the old MSM and it's rigid structure of providing opinions to the masses. So there, descant yourself, CNN!

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