Sunday, October 29, 2006

Music Videos

So, I like this song. It's got great music, and it's got great country roots. I also like what the song stands for. She beats the heck out of the Dixie Chicks for disenting musicians. (She's on the side of the diggers, the Aussie soldiers). My dilema is that I'd like to have this song widely played, but I'm not sure if it would play well in the states. She's a great singer (very strong, beautiful voice), but the subject of the song might not play well over here. I mean, she's supporting the aussie soldiers...will people transfer that to our soldiers? I think it works well. It's got a great sentiment, but I'm not sure people will make the connection. Oh well. Enjoy the video for yourselves, and pass it on to others if you feel so inclined...

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