Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Kerry (same initials as just kidding)?

So, is this all a joke? Michelle covers the John Kerry thing pretty well...but I can't believe it. Especially his appology...But I saw the video and read the press release straight off the website (though at fist I though IMAO had sent me to a satire of John Kerry's website).

However, sad to say, I wasn't surprised that he thinks things like this. I went to the same boarding school that J(ust) K(idding) went to, and the in the atmosphere there, lots of people think similar things. For example, there was huge resistance against a group of my friends when they tried to organize a senior prom. The argument against them was, "we don't go to public school," as in, we're better than that.
I enjoyed my time at that school, and I learned a lot, despite being surrounded by people who felt this way. Most of them eventually grow up. JK evidently didn't...but who here is surprised about that?

Last thing: what better scandal than this to get people to give money to the Valour IT project? I mean, you don't want people to think you agree with JK, do you?

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