Thursday, November 16, 2006

Does anyone speak Gaelic?

Cause I've got a question for them.

So this past weekend I went to a great band at a cool bar. It was an Irish bar, which they had actually shipped over from Ireland, piece by piece. It was quite a lot of fun. But the company that does this is not all that old, maybe 10 years or so, from what I can tell. Their name is Ri-Ra, with an accent over the i which I can't put in.

Does Ri-Ra mean anything in Gaelic?
'Cause the acronym could mean something in English, and given the history surrounding those groups, I'm not sure spending money there is a good idea. RIRA is the name of the successor to the the IRA, and they are one of the few republican groups not standing by the cease-fire. And, it was common for the IRA to raise money in bars in America...


  1. Perhaps you might ask her:

  2. Interesting tie in there with the RIRA. Do you want to read a whole paper on the RIRA? I know someone who wrote one.

  3. I believe I read a paper like that from somewhere...and there's no way I could have made the connection without it...well, maybe after this semester, but probably not...